Why Outsource IT Infrastructure Management?

Outsource IT Infrastructure

Why outsource IT infrastructure? With so much of your workflow now dependent on your information technology and network, you need to ensure that it’s running at optimal efficiency.

And that’s why you outsource IT infrastructure – because it ensures that your technology will reach its peak capabilities . . . provided you are infrastructure outsourcing to the right partner, of course.


The Key Benefits of IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

IT infrastructure outsourcing ensures that your business’s core competencies (technological and otherwise) are enhanced by a team of experts with decades of combined experience supporting business technologies.

The right outsourced services, in other words, helps ensure that your technology investment is as cost-effective as possible. How do infrastructure managed services help you reach that maximal cost efficiency?


  • Protecting your IT infrastructure from threats
  • Aligning your technology and business goals
  • Implementing critical projects
  • Creating more efficient business processes
  • Building a long-term IT strategy

The global IT outsourcing market is growing by dozens of billions year over year – the reason for that is obvious. Modern business requires top-level technology in order to remain competitive.

But for small businesses, identifying, acquiring, and maintaining that top-level technology can be difficult. And for your average business owner, hiring an in-house team of IT workers (costing well over $100,000 a year) simply isn’t realistic.

Being able to leverage elite support services without breaking the bank is one of the major benefits of outsourcing infrastructure services to a managed services provider (MSP).

All that said, let’s answer the question ‘‘why outsource IT infrastructure’ more fully with specific examples of how your business stands to benefit.


IT Infrastructure Security

Each year, millions of dollars are lost to critical infrastructure breaches. The average critical infrastructure breach costs about $5 million – even more than the average data breach.

While this figure is a bit off balance due to the cost of a breach at larger companies (which can reach hundreds of millions), the threat to the average business is still dire – perhaps even more so, as smaller businesses don’t have the revenue cushion necessary to absorb massive, unplanned costs.

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What’s more, small businesses are actually targeted more frequently than larger companies by cyber assailants. The most probable reason being that smaller businesses tend not to invest in the necessary cybersecurity protections, making them relatively easier targets for hackers.

But with IT infrastructure outsourcing, you can reduce risk and ensure that your technology is protected from these threats.

Security services include

  • 24/7/365 remote monitoring
  • Routine updating and patching, closing vulnerabilities
  • Routine infrastructure security assessments
  • Cybersecurity best practices training for staff
  • Security-first onboarding and offboarding protocols

And more.


IT Infrastructure Alignment

Your technology should always support your business’s growth – not get in its way.

But for many small and medium businesses, determining which technologies are ideal for their specific industry, business processes, team size, etc., is complex and fraught with challenges.

That’s why your outsourced IT infrastructure support will provide virtual CIO (vCIO) services, so that you can get peace of mind that your technology is best suited for your business. This in turn allows your workflow to reach peak productivity.

Your vCIO helps your business reach its full potential by performing an extensive review of your systems, aligning current hardware, processes, and procedures with proven best practices, industry standards, and appropriate technological upgrades.

This holistic approach helps all your tech assets work in concert with one another, powering your business to new productivity heights.


IT Infrastructure Implementation

As your managed services partner identifies vulnerabilities, ways to improve, technology that ought to be swapped out for more powerful tools, etc., it’s not enough to merely point out the problem – you need someone to fix it. 

Once these IT infrastructure issues have been discovered and a solution determined by your IT partner, they will implement that solution for you. In other words, they will totally relieve you and your team of its IT management burden. This frees you up to put your energies back into your business and keep it on a steady growth trajectory.

Consider that businesses often struggle with implementing IT changes (a good example being the shift to cloud in recent years). With the IT expertise of a MSP on your side, you can avoid these pitfalls entirely. 

Better yet, they will work around the clock to ensure that your business is able to seamlessly upgrade its infrastructure, avoiding unnecessary and productivity-sapping downtime.

Speaking of downtime . . .


IT Infrastructure Process Augmentation

One of the key benefits of IT infrastructure outsourcing is that inefficiencies and redundancies in your workflow and business processes can be identified and eliminated.

Perhaps the single most felt benefit is the elimination of downtime – no more frustrated team members banging their keyboards in futility because the network is down and work comes to a standstill.

That emotional frustration is mirrored by the financial harm: it costs a business thousands of dollars for every minute of downtime.

Learn more about how IT services can help your business:


But your IT partner will be able to determine the root causes of these downtime issues in your infrastructure and remediate them, so downtime becomes an issue of the past.

A strong IT partner will offer rapid response times (within a couple minutes) and guarantee high percentages of uptime (99.9%).


IT Infrastructure Planning

The lifecycle of your technology needs to be monitored and planned out.

A comprehensive IT roadmap and strategy ensures that your business’s growth is never hobbled due to outdated technology or technology that is no longer able to meet your business’s demands.

Your MSP will help you get as much as you can out of each technology investment before upgrading or replacing it.

And when the time does come to swap out your tech, they will support your business every step of the way with procurement and implementation – often for insider prices that you otherwise would not have access to.

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

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