Who We Are

Servicing Business in the Southeast

In 1999, AT-NET started out as just a couple of engineers servicing a handful of small and medium businesses (SMBs). We had dreams of becoming the largest technology group in the Southeast, working with enterprise-level customers all over the world.

During this journey, our team discovered that this purely transactional business wasn’t fulfilling for us, and we sought more of a local, homegrown partnership with our clients. It became clear to us, we aren’t in the computer business but we’re in the people business.

We still service large enterprise customers, worldwide, but working with our local SMBs has helped us form long-term relationships in our community and brought enjoyment to both AT-NET and our clients.

At AT-NET, we are in the People business.

Meet Our Team

Our Mission

We serve only business customers and help them succeed by eliminating technology issues. We believe that the all businesses deserves the same expertise that is available to the enterprise. By focusing on the business and its people rather than simply the technology, we are able to form valuable partnerships with our clients that stand the test of time. Hand-in-hand with our mission to serve business customers with technology is our effort to keep our customers safe from Cybercriminals. More than half of our engagement with customers is devoted to their safety at the office and with the company’s data. Cybercrime does not stop and is growing at an alarming rate. We have the tools and expertise to drastically reduce cybercrime in your organization.

Who We Serve

Our core customer base is business oriented throughout the Southeast and we have some clients worldwide. Our ideal client is a business that views technology as an asset and seeks a technology partner who cares about its success.

Manufacturing, Legal, Engineering, Retail, Health Care, Banking, Insurance, and Small-Medium Businesses

Industries Served

• Banking • Business-to-Business • Manufacturing • Healthcare • Retail • Non-Profits • Government • and YOU..

Nucore Steel

Discovery Chanel

Providence Health

PPG Industries

Life Cycle Engineering

Charlotte Ballet


Levine Museum

LifePoint Health

Other companies we own


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