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Cloud-Based Access Control, Modernized & Automated

Manage Multiple Locations Remotely

A single, unified cloud solution makes remote management of physical access to multiple facilities and offices as seamless as possible. Access your systems from anywhere.Card Reader and Support

Automate Manual Processes, Save Time

Upgrade your door reader Automate access with the tech you already use. Our systems integrate with dozens of tools! Seamless integration to your directory service simplifies the removal and addition of users – slashing your admin times. We can usually integrate with any legacy system you own.

Unlock Your Office with Mobile AccessHID Card

We support all forms of access control credentials: cards, key fobs, clickers, and even mobile. Give your employees a modern, mobile-first user experience.

Lower Your Implementation Costs

Keep your existing hardware and avoid expensive and complicated installations while upgrading to a modern access control system. We integrate directly with your existing security camera systems including Meraki, Cisco, Vivotek and more.

Proxy Card

Highly Secure

AT-NET uses HID best-in-class access control and authentication solutions that help governments and organizations stay ahead of an ever-changing threat landscape. When higher level security and privacy are paramount, our modern, integrated solutions deliver:

Phone Door

  • Strong multi-factor authentication without disruption to user workflow and productivity.
  • Complete identity and credential management over the full lifecycle of an identity—from the time trust is established to the retirement of a credential.
  • PIV-enabled access control, compliant with U.S. Federal Government FICAM and FIPS 201 access control standards for agencies and contractors.
  • PKI authentication for both physical and logical access, requiring two or more independent combined credentials.
  • Enhanced end-user experiences through seamless integration and ongoing support.


Increase Convenience
One can access facilities with a mobile device by simply using “Tap” or “Twist & Go” gestures.

Boost Efficiency
Using our online management portal, administrators can create, manage, issue and revoke credentials through the cloud.

Maximize Security
Our systems have a highly secure and reliable cloud platform, the solution is powered by Seos credential technology and follows best practices in data integrity.

Native Touchless
Keep employees and staff safe through over the air provisioning and native touchless functionality.

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