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Protecting Your Company From Its #1 Vulnerability: Employees


Dark Web scanning identifies accounts already at risk and exposes compromised credentials.


Simulated phishing, security awareness training, and weekly micro-training keep cybersecurity top of mind.


Our Breach Prevention Platform tracks progress and assigns a Company Secure Score

Employees: The First Line of Defense

Hackers are constantly improving their tactics to get unsuspecting employees to open the door to sensitive data. Let’s work together to slam the door on cybercriminals.

Technology Alone Is Not Enough

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility.

With human error causing 95% of data breaches, working together to create a layered security strategy can actively reduce risk to your business.

Criminals are smart; they know how to get through the cracks. If your employees know what to look for, they’ll be less likely to fall for a scam that could put your business at risk.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Strengthen your first layer of defense! By engaging in our TechSentry Cybersecurity Training focused on phishing, ransomware, and business compromise email scams, you are implementing a proactive approach to preventing a data breach.