Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Services

Comprehensive Endpoint Security Solutions for Your Business Needs

Is your business looking for threat protection, remediation, incident response, and the benefits of a Security Operations Center (SOC)? Our managed endpoint protection service monitors your IT environment, detecting malicious threats and quickly remediating the attack with 24/7 support from our experienced SOC.

We cover everything from multi-variant ransomware attacks to the latest crypto-mining infiltrations using advanced endpoint threat detection and response services; coupled with SOC monitoring and remediation services that stop active threats and minimize harm.

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Key Benefits of Our Managed Endpoint Security Solutions

On-demand security operations

Threats and attackers target SMBs the same as big enterprise firms, leveraging the same tactics. We provide an SOC that scales protection with your business, providing the staff necessary to drive threat remediation.

Simple deployment, always-available threat coverage

Our technology detects all known and unknown threats using the latest behavior-based technology, whether your endpoints are deployed in an office, at home, or in an airport, café, or hotel.

Next-gen threat detection and remediation

Our endpoint security solution incorporates patented threat identification and remediation technology to fully protect desktop and server environments for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as virtualized servers in AWS, VMware, Citrix, VirtualBox, and Hyper-V.

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Key Features of Our Managed Endpoint Security Service

Fully Managed Endpoint Security Service

Implement advanced operations without the need for in-house security expertise. Our completely managed endpoint security services analyze quarantined applications and files, reducing false positives and ensuring comprehensive protection. We take care of the challenges of cybersecurity while you focus on your business.

Endpoint Threat Detection

Our endpoint security solutions rapidly detect thousands of viruses and malware attack variants, including crypto-mining attacks, as well as the root causes of these malicious behaviors, by quickly identifying and diagnosing corrupt source processes and system settings.

Endpoint Response and Remediation

When malicious behavior is detected, our managed endpoint security service will quickly roll back files to previous safe versions through tracking changes in your devices and restoring them to an acceptable risk state.

The Next-Generation of Endpoint Security Solutions

Our managed endpoint security service utilizes unique malware detection and remediation technology. Our endpoint security solutions incorporate the industry’s most innovative prevention, providing visibility into the root causes and origins of the threat, reversing the malicious operations, and remediating them at an agile speed as needed.