Cybersecurity, WiFi, and Network Assessments

AT-NET provides various Systems and Cybersecurity Assessments

Systems and Cybersecurity Assessments

Below are some of the assessments and monitoring we offer our business customers

Evaluate A/D current security level, indicates the presence of critical risks and advice on priority for the action plan.

Precise Wi-Fi diagnostics and Network design deliver significantly more accurate, secure and reliable data.

Collects detailed information on every asset, including those not physically connected to the network. Identifies all risks from misconfigurations, network vulnerabilities and user threats. Supports all environments, from on-prem, to remote, to cloud, to work-from-home.

Discovery your assets and continuously scan for vulnerabilities introduced by users and threat actors.

Run from the outside or inside to check a network’s firewall and other defenses, these scans target areas of an IT ecosystem exposed to the internet and to internal users and systems.

We will review your environment and assist in bringing your company to NIST compliance standards.

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Types of Assessments

Popular Business Assessments

Active Directory Assessments
Active Directory requires periodic attention

Active Directory Assessment provides insight into the current state of your organization’s Active Directory environment. It can also help you assess your Active Directory infrastructure and identify areas of vulnerability. The assessment can be performed on both on-premises and cloud-based domain controllers.

There are two primary types of assessment tools, manual and automated. Manual tools require an expert to perform, and can be time-consuming. Automated tools allow for greater accuracy, and include additional health checks.

AT-NET conducts ongoing assessments, and provides a comprehensive review of your Active Directory infrastructure. Each assessment includes a detailed report on issues, remediation actions, and mitigation recommendations. They update their tools to match best practices, and continuously assesses their processes.

Active Directory Management
Wifi Assessment

WiFi Assessments Services

WiFi is not Plug 'N Play

WiFi Assessment services provide an in-depth analysis of the wireless infrastructure in your organization. These assessments identify weaknesses in your network and suggest solutions to rectify them. They are designed to improve your wireless infrastructure and your business’s performance.

Wireless assessments include a variety of factors, including environmental and architectural factors. In addition to examining specific configurations, wireless engineers also assess the capacity of the network and the distribution of access points. This is done to avoid poor coverage or slow performance.

For example, an assessment may reveal that your wireless signal isn’t reaching your office or conference room. Unless you have a good WLAN design, the lack of wireless connectivity can slow down your workflow and even compromise productivity. A good assessment will also identify the best locations for your access points.

A wireless assessment can also help you evaluate RF spectrum issues, electro-magnetic interference and congestion from neighboring Wi-Fi networks. It will also help you understand BYOD and the best way to implement wireless technology in your organization.

An onsite consultant will visit your business location to assess your current system. The consultant will walk through the site and take measurements. Once he or she is satisfied with the information, a detailed report will be created.

What Is a NIST 800-171 Readiness Assessment Report?
Yes We Do That!

A Readiness Assessment report is a critical component of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program. It measures the strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s security controls and processes and helps to identify gaps in its defenses.

The report isn’t just about identifying vulnerabilities; it’s also about finding out what steps are needed to fix them. CMMC requires contractors to use remediation plans to remedy the identified problems.

CMMC is a certification requirement for any company that wants to do business with the federal government. Whether it’s a contractor or a subcontractor, CMMC is a mandatory process. However, few companies understand how to comply with the new system. Therefore, it’s a good idea to work with a managed IT service provider that’s knowledgeable about CMMC to ensure you don’t end up in a bad spot.

CMMC has three levels: Foundational, Advanced, and Expert. Each level has its own set of requirements and associated processes. Some of these requirements can be internal and others are external. Depending on the scope of your contract, you may need to do multiple self-assessments.

CMMC Level 1 is the smallest of the three and signifies the foundational level of cyber hygiene. CMMC Level 3 represents the highest degree of expertise. If your business works on the most sensitive programs, it will be expected to meet Level 3 certification requirements.

NIST Readiness Report