How do I know if I’m in an area CradlePoint will work

Several users have asked, “How do I know if I’m in an area CradlePoint will work?” The answer is simple if you have the correct tools. You need a good signal meter.  The signal meter should have the ability to determine carrier in the area, distance to your desired carrier(s), carrier(signal) strength. There are several signal meters on the market;  WilsonPro, WaveForm, zBOOST, SureCall, and others.

We use the Wilson Pro Cellular Network Scanner combined with its Smartphone Application is a powerful cellular survey tool engineered for needs of the professional integrator, installer, or designer of passive DAS, M2M, cellular networking or IoT systems. A sophisticated yet easy-to use device, the Cell-LinQ meter links performs its site surveys by linking to the Cell LinQ app via Bluetooth on either iOS or Android smartphones or cellular-connected tablets. With its ability to conduct mobile surveys, network analysis, and data collection in the field, the Cell LinQ helps accelerate site-design time, reduce on-site visits.

Managed services importance in regard to cost savings cannot be overlooked. Read these additional resources to learn more about the benefits of managed services:



We use only the best, WilsonPro, and are certified in their technology. WilsonPro cellular signal repeaters are engineered to amplify frequencies, not carriers. It’s the right choice for improving coverage everywhere. We amplify every network anywhere because we amplify the cellular signal not the carrier.  Therefore we can provide our business customers with better signals, provided there is a signal in the area. We can amplify a small room to a 100,000 sq foot facility, for a reasonable price. Cell phones are now a “Life Safety” issue and are increasingly the only form of communications for many business.

Our boosters are Carrier Agnostic, This means we do no amplify “carriers” but we amplify their signals. After we install a cellular signal booster, all available signals are increased for the facility.

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