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Escalation Procedures for 24X7X365 Customer Assistance Center

Last Revision: 1/12/2017

Three Support Levels

Level Description
LEVEL-2 3-HOUR RESPONSE (Normal Response)
LEVEL-3 SCHEDULED THIS WEEK (Next 5 Business Days)

Three Ways to Request Support

    • Phone: 866-708-0886
When the CAC is Phoned you will get the following:
    • CAC Engineers will open a trouble ticket, give you a ticket number and take down all pertinent information.
    • CAC Engineers will either work the ticket remotely or assign to a Field Engineer for onsite attention.
    • In the case of a specialized issue, the CAC will assign the proper engineer for the issue and upon confirmed resolution will close out the ticket.
When the CAC is Emailed you will get the following:
    • Our ticket system will automatically create a ticket with the subject line of your email as the ticket description. The email body will contain the notes of the new ticket, so please add as much detail as possible including a good telephone number for you.
    • The CAC will dispatch or work the ticket as deemed by you, including making first contact and assigning the appropriate engineering resource.
    • Once the ticket has a confirmed resolution, the ticket will be closed.
When the CAC’s Support Portal is used to create a ticket:
    • One has to have prior access granted to use the portal.
    • The portal can be used to check on past tickets, open new tickets and update information on current tickets.
    • Tickets created in the portal will be handled exactly like email tickets above.

Note: All support requests should be placed directly with the Customer Assistance Center to ensure a proper ticket is created with the proper support needs.

Remote Support Connections

AT-NET is committed to providing the fastest resolution support services to our customers. We can generally connect to your system in less than 60 seconds. Simply browse to our support portal and watch our engineers resolve your issues. Upon connection to the remote services, you’ll be prompted to download a temporary application, which will allow our engineers to access your system remotely. This process is fully controlled by you and one can end the session at any time.

Browse to or visit the “Start a Remote Session” tab above.


Our goal is to deliver quality IT solutions and provide the best possible customer experience. To that end, we encourage our clients to provide feedback about our performance. If an issue or circumstance arises at any time during a project or service engagement, please do the following:

  • Discuss those concerns with the engineer(s) that is assigned to your project or service issue. Our engineers are empowered to make suggestions, investigate, and address any project or service related issues. If the issue is not resolved then:
  • Contact the Project Management Office (PMO). The PMO and assigned project manager is empowered to make project and service related decisions. If the issue is not yet addressed to your satisfaction then:
  • Contact the Director of Client Service Delivery for engineering issues or the Director of Sales for sales related issues.

Always leave voice mails and emails with your full contact information even if you think we already have your information. We will work to address any issues and concerns that you have. Please refer to the table below for the proper AT-NET resource contact information.

Name Title Email Phone
Customer Assistance Center None 704-831-2500
Michael Sylvester Systems Project Manager 704-831-2540
Chris Wiker Director of I&S 704-405-1897
Joel Sosebee Director of Sales 704-831-2503
Accounting None 704-831-2508
Lance Davis Director of Client Service Delivery 704-831-2505