Natural Disaster Preparation

Natural Disaster Preparation

Whenever there is the potential for destruction to your business by a natural disaster, always make sure that your data and hardware are protected.  Here are some things to remember to keep your network and equipment as safe and secure as possible in the path of a hurricane, storm, or potential flooding:

  • Check backups and off-site copies (make emergency copies of critical systems).
  • Plan to protect equipment and critical processes.
  • Get with your staff and ensure you have a communication plan on how to stay in touch.
  • Shut all systems down and make sure all electronic equipment is disconnected from power outlets to prevent surges.
  • Make sure all electronic equipment is covered with heavy plastic and secured with duct tape to protect from water damage.
  • Raise power cords, power strips, and towers off the floor.
  • Document all serial numbers, model numbers, and purchase details in case of an insurance claim due to loss.
  • If you have time, remove hard drives from desktops and place drives in a watertight bag and label which computer it came from.

Once the hurricane/storm has passed (or once power has been regained), please contact us with any technical issues.

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