AT-NET SERVICES Designs and Installs Backup

AT-NET designs systems that have redundancy and reliability built-in. At the point of demarcation in your systems, we add additional bandwidth from a diverse carrier. If our customers have fiber to the demark then we have the option of adding cable or cellular bandwidth.

As an example, when providing redundancy, it is usually incorrect to purchase a primary fiber from AT&T and then a backup fiber from Windstream. All carriers typically, purchase the “last mile” from the incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC). Therefore, in the aforementioned example, the possibility of true redundancy is diminished. It would more correct to purchase fiber from AT&T and then add a coaxial circuit from the local cable company.  The fiber will generally be buried and protected from all but the backhoe. The coax will generally be run overhead on the local power poles and be protected from digging. The most efficient way to provide redundancy with through the use of cellular modem.

AT-NET add cellular backup systems to most of our customers. With the advent of 5G and 6G, network speeds are acceptable for most SMB customers (Small Medium Business). Users will notice the impact but still be able to perform their work. The other use of cellular backup systems is for network/server engineers to be able to access critical systems in the advent of a disaster affecting network access.

AT-NET also adds cellular bandwidth in for new construction. When wired bandwidth is not available, cellular service saves the day. We can have your facility up and networked in as little as one day. 


5G Solutions for Business in

AT-NET  has already watched 4G LTE begin to transform edge networking and the wide-area network (WAN) itself — but none of that compares to what 5G solutions will accomplish. 5G routers and adapters for business mark a unique intersection of flexibility and fiber-fast performance, enabling Wireless WAN connectivity and forward-thinking innovation for fixed and temporary locations, vehicles, IoT, and beyond.

Gigabit-Class LTE Technology in

Officially known as LTE-Advanced Pro, Gigabit-Class LTE is the latest version of the 4G LTE standard and is rolling out throughout the world. With download speeds significantly higher than 4G LTE, Gigabit-Class LTE is many organizations’ next step toward 5G. Because 4G LTE and Gigabit-Class LTE share essentially the same underlying spectrum and infrastructure, Gigabit-Class LTE is rolling out faster than 5G but shares many of its exceptional propagation characteristics.

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W4005 Series 5G Wideband Adapter

Outdoor 5G adapter designed for mmWave performance

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CradlePoint Design, Testing and Installation

W2000 Series 5G Wideband Adapter

Indoor 5G adapter designed for branch applications

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AER2200 Series Enterprise Router

Designed for small to mid-sized branches with expanded connectivity needs

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CBA850 Series LTE Adapter

LTE adapter ideal for failover and Out-of-Band Management

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Branch Continuity (Failover)

In the era of mission-critical cloud applications, branch continuity and WAN uptime are paramount. Our LTE adapters provide the performance and path diversity you need to deliver a nonstop experience.

Mobile Networking

Connect beyond the branch to pop-up and temporary sites, vehicle fleets, and field forces with the peace of mind that comes with ruggedized, GPS-enabled mobile routers and enterprise-class security, management, and control.

Zero-Trust Networking

For store-within-a-store, IoT, or temporary contractor networks, zero-trust networking enables unparalleled security by isolating one network from another using LTE (physical) or NetCloud Perimeter (logical) segmentation.

Wireless Branch Connectivity

Connect beyond the limits of wires with an all-in-one branch routers that delivers superior performance and uptime with zero-touch deployment, cloud management, SD-WAN intelligence, and unified edge security.

Digital Signage

From digital billboards to roadway signs, lobby marketing, engaging menu boards, and wayfinders, digital signage is everywhere. And nowhere will you find a more reliable, secure, and flexible way to connect it all than right here.

IoT with Edge Compute

Whether you’re connecting high-value assets like kiosks, windmills, charging stations, or surveillance cameras, or aggregating sensors within a site, get IoT routers with built-in security, cloud management, and edge computing.

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Wireless WAN is the future in

Cellular wireless has always been ideal for business continuity and connecting critical assets in places wires can’t go, like vehicles, field forces, and remote kiosks. However, today’s LTE networks are more pervasive and getting faster with the deployment of Gigabit LTE and 5G. At the same time, flat-rate pricing is eliminating overage anxiety. These realities are ushering in the Wireless WAN era and giving rise to wireless becoming the preferred broadband connectivity for branches, stores, and other fixed sites — the last exclusive domain of wired networks. As cloud applications, mobility, and IoT devices continue to proliferate, Wireless WAN enables a flexible and unified approach to connecting people, places, and things anywhere. It uniquely combines reach and reliability with greater simplicity, agility, and security — just what you want in the next wave of network transformation.

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