The 4 Top Industries in Charlotte You Need to Know

Charlotte Industries
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There’s no denying Charlotte, North Carolina’s beauty. But this powerhouse of a city is more than just a pretty face; Charlotte was recently ranked the 8th fastest growing city in the US. And this means that Charlotte industries are booming and are flush with promise.

Charlotte’s top industries in Q2 2022 alone were able to generate over 12,000 new jobs.

And with growth and opportunity comes outside interest . . . usually fostering greater degrees of growth and opportunity.

In service of this virtuous cycle, let’s shine a bit of light and attention on the top industries in Charlotte, NC.

The Biggest Industries in Charlotte, NC

The Banking Industry

Charlotte is home to not one but two of the largest financial institutions in the world: Bank of America and Wells Fargo. These two banks combined have almost $500 billion market cap and trillions of dollars of assets under management. Together they employ over 40,000 people in the city.


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It’s worth noting that businesses operating in the financial sector have become increasingly targeted by cybercriminals. And this makes sense – especially in the context of the Charlotte industry, where being able to access personal data or even gaining direct access to accounts would be devastating. In the first half of 2020, there were almost 2.5 times more cyberattacks targeting financial institutions compared to the previous year. There’s no reason to believe that these numbers have let usWith average costs of a data breach in the millions for financial institutions, finding IT support and management has never been more critical.

The Tech Industry

With Charlotte’s gorgeous greenery mixed with a bustling hub city (and not to mention its affordable real estate), Charlotte is continuing to attract interest from tech companies from across the US and the globe, becoming a pivotal part of the broader Charlotte industries landscape. Their investments in the city are also supporting a budding tech ecosystem which has already produced a number of successful businesses. A leader among those homegrown tech companies is Passport, a developer of parking and transportation management platforms/solutions that make it easy for parking lot owners and users to access parking as well as city managers.

Tech companies – especially startups – can benefit greatly from an experienced IT consulting company in Charlotte. Solutions like cloud computing support, automation support, network augmentation and monitoring, data center management, etc., can help reduce the team’s internal tech management burden so they can focus better on getting the next great invention out the door and onto the market.

The Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is often talked about as part of America’s past, but in Charlotte the industry is alive and well. With manufacturing accounting for almost 15% of employment in the city, thousands of people show up to work every day to make the things we use in our everyday lives. Some major manufacturing players in Charlotte include Siemens, BASf, Electrolux, and Continental.


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    The Financial Services Industry

    We started with banking, let’s now end with its sister industry, financial services. With LendingTree and AvidXchange being major employers in the Charlotte area, financial services are among the biggest industries in Charlotte.

    Much in the same way that the banking sector ought to take the appropriate steps to protect itself from online attacks, the financial services industry is no different. Ultimately, if you handle large sums of money online, you can anticipate that criminals will attempt to breach your system. Luckily, like vaults of the 21st century, reliable cybersecurity services can help ensure that your business is safe from these attacks.

    Top Industries in Charlotte
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    The Role of Managed IT Services in the Top Industries in Charlotte

    The fact is that, no matter what industry you operate in, ensuring your IT is secure, robust, fast, reliable, and otherwise able to handle your workloads (and scale easily) is critical to facilitating your workflow and growth.

    From data backup and disaster recovery to network security and cloud computing, managed IT services provide businesses with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age. Many of the Charlotte top industries rely on their tech to keep their businesses running; without it, they’d be dead in the water. And that’s where AT-NET comes in – we provide Charlotte industries with all the IT support services they need to thrive.

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