Best network for 50 computers in an office

Best network for 50 computers in an office

A good network is a good choice for any office. If you have 50 computers in your office, you might be able to get away with connecting them directly to the network switch and local

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cable ISP. However, in most buildings, you will need to install a new cabling system.

One must keep in mind types of Internet circuits when planning your office. There are two configurations that affect the upload and download capabilities of your Internet, Synchronous and Asynchronous. The main difference is upload and download speeds. Synchronous connections offer the same upload and download speeds, whereas asynchronous connections offer faster download speeds than upload speeds. If you are an average company, then the cable ISP is right for your office (asynchronous communications). If you have very intensive Internet usage, then switching to a synchronous circuit may be your choice for Internet. A Synchronous circuit is usually more expensive than an Asynchronous circuit. There are some things you should keep in mind when choosing a network. Listed below are some things to consider:

  • A managed network switch does not have to be expensive ($350 to $2000).
  • Good cabling is somewhat costly but is necessary (about $10,000 for 50 people)
  • Choose an MSP who will help you with security along with your initial setup
  • Remember, a good network is important to keep your people productive
  • One should not have constant problems in your network, if you do have recurring problems, switch providers who can fix your issues.
  • Choose an MSP who solves problems and does not blame others. Just stating the facts about issues is fine.
  • Asynchronous (cable modem) with one static IP is cheap, around $100 to $200 monthly.
  • Synchronous (better Internet) with one static IP should cost from $200 monthly to $1500 monthly.
  • Cables are better than an all wireless network.
  • Pick reputable companies to work for you. In the network world, cheapest is never better.

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