4 Things the IT Help Desk Can Do For You

What can an IT help desk actually help you with? There are many ways that a help desk can help you. Let’s review some of the most common services. Automation, Customer self-service, reporting, and swarming support are just a few. Name 4 things an IT help desk can help you with. And remember to read the SLA to make sure that your IT help desk meets your expectations.


If you’ve ever worked in a tech company, you know that automation is a must. Automating repetitive tasks is an excellent way to reduce human intervention and increase flexibility. In addition to eliminating the need for human intervention, automation provides a platform for further improvement. The problem is, it is much harder to change a routine once you’ve set it in stone. That’s why automation can be such an invaluable tool for any business.

Besides automating ticketing processes, automation can also improve the overall customer experience. Survey automation can help your service desk agents learn how satisfied customers are with their experience. Using natural language processing and sentiment analysis, automation can even increase employee satisfaction. Automation can also reduce overall ticket costs. Automation can help you improve customer experience, which is vital during an e-commerce boom. It’s time to start embracing automation and see the benefits it can offer your business.

Customer self-service

If you’re in the market for an IT help desk, you’ve probably heard about the many features it provides to improve customer self-service. Customer surveys show that 39% of customers prefer to solve their own problems without the need of contact center agents. Feature-rich help desks can centralize support documentation, including FAQs, guides, tutorials, and knowledge base analytics. By using these features, your IT help desk can help you make the most of customer self-service and improve your overall support quality.

IT help desks can facilitate customer self-service by incorporating it into your company’s website and email correspondence. Customer self-service can also be integrated into other channels, including chat, auto-reply emails, reminders on hold, internal search, and even web articles. It’s crucial that your customer self-service portal be accessible to all customers, even those with a technical background.


Reporting is an essential task of an IT help desk. It is a way to show how well your help desk is performing, how many requests and incidents are coming in, and what service level agreements your team is meeting. It can also show how the resolver team is performing, and what issues are causing ongoing escalations. Reporting allows you to track performance over time and improve the quality of your IT support.

Reporting is another service that an IT help desk can provide. A well-organized knowledge base can give you a complete history of a customer’s issues and how you solved them. If your staff members are inexperienced in a particular technology, they can quickly and easily learn how to fix it. It can also make the process of troubleshooting faster and easier for everyone.

Swarming support

Often, when an issue is not resolved at the point of customer contact, a swarming process can be used. A swarming process connects smart people to solve the issue. This type of process is flexible and requires adaptability and alignment with industry best practices. IT help desks that use swarming should hold regular meetings to discuss pilot results and adjust procedures as needed.

Swarming support helps a company reduce costs by reducing organizational overhead and increasing end-user satisfaction. A support agent can access an expert’s knowledge in less time. With swarming, employees work together to solve a problem and develop new skills. They retain ownership of the ticket until it is resolved. Each member of the team gains experience dealing with a variety of tickets and doesn’t need to know everything about every technical issue. They just need to know where to go to find answers.

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In today’s world, scalability is a huge deal. Whether you’re trying to develop new features or land the next great white whale customer, scalability is imperative. Smaller teams don’t have the resources or the culture to build the foundation for scale and instead focus on immediate issues. These ‘unscalable’ acts build your culture. It’s important to consider all of these factors when developing new technology, and the IT help desk can help you with those concerns.

Scalability is often seen as a technical issue, and while it is important to build the right tech stack, it’s also important to have the right processes in place to make sure you can handle the extra workload. There are three main components of scalability, namely process, performance, and infrastructure. While you might think that scalability is a technical problem, it can also affect availability and downtime.


Aside from providing support, an IT help desk can also collect data on operations, service levels, and employee satisfaction. Such analytical data can provide crucial insights to improve services and the business as a whole. The use of performance analytics allows companies to take smart decisions in real time, empower users with data visualizations, and align IT with business goals. Read on to learn more about how an IT help desk can benefit your business.

Having an IT help desk allows you to focus on the end users rather than IT issues, and it helps you prioritize issues by category. It allows you to multi-task because it can automatically assign issues to the appropriate staff, thereby reducing your downtime. It can also customize tickets and automatically assign them to relevant IT staff. It is a vital resource for organizations that rely on IT services to run smoothly.

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