Why would a large company start using a different cyber security partner?

Some potentially new customers have asked, “Why would a large company start using a different cybersecurity partner?” The answer to the question is simple; you are not just hiring a new security partner you are hiring their experienced people and process. There are lots of companies who have tried to be on the “cybersecurity” bandwagon, but there are only a few that are truly good at their craft. A cybersecurity company has the following qualities:Cybersecurity Partner for Small Medium Business

  1. Engaged people who specialize in cybersecurity
  2. Process and Procedures that meet the particular needs of the  business they are servicing.
  3. An investment in tools (mainly software) to service their customers.
  4. Continuous training for the vendors staff and for the customer
  5. A 24 X 7 Security Operations Center
  6. Certifications in their industry
  7. A business cadence based around cybersecurity
  8. A CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)
  9. Redundancy support systems capable of weathering most crises.
  10. Divers vendors/tools which create multiple security layers for the organizations they serve.
  11. A maintained, monitored, and tested Backup and Disaster Recovery system.
  12. Schedule periodic testing of their own and customer systems.
  13. Active engagement in the cybersecurity community.

All of the above can be divided into many subcategories and take weeks to discuss, but the quality of the vendor’s people is the answer to the original question; Why would a large company start using a different cybersecurity partner?

created by Jeff King (Linkedin – Jeff King)

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