What is best cell phone booster for Sprint band 25,26,41?

What is the best cell phone booster?

WilsonPro Cellular Signal BoosterI was recently asked the above question, What is the best cell phone booster? My answer was fast and simple; WilsonPro. We use only the best, WilsonPro, and are certified in their technology. WilsonPro cellular signal repeaters are engineered to amplify frequencies, not carriers. It’s the right choice for improving coverage everywhere. We amplify every network anywhere because we amplify the cellular signal not the carrier.  Therefore we can provide our business customers with better signals, provided there is a signal in the area. We can amplify a small room to a 100,000 sq foot facility, for a reasonable price. Cell phones are now a “Life Safety” issue and are increasingly the only form of communications for many business.

Carrier Agnostic

We do no amplify carriers but we amplify their signals. We can work with virtually any carrier like the below:

US Carriers – AT&T, TMobile, Verizon, uscellular

Canadian Carriers – Bell, Freedom, ROGERS, TELUS

Global Carriers – celcom, telcel, vodacom, Telefónica

AT-NET has Certified Experts

We have several certified technicians who have spent weeks training on Wilson’s products. AT-NET has hundreds of successful installations and monitor those installations 24X7 using the WilsoPro Cloud services.

Some of the benefits of using WilsonPro

Outdoor Cellular AntennaeThe Newest Technology in Signal Amplification

With more than 80 patents, WilsonPro is constantly working to improve our customizable 5G cellular signal repeater solutions for fixed wireless applications.

Multi-Tower Targeting

Network Scanning


Remote Monitoring and Management  cloud logo

UL Certification

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