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How We Do It:

Our certified professionals are fast and secure with your data. We have migrated hundreds of thousand email boxes to the O365 cloud. As a top-tier Microsoft partner with extensive experience with Microsoft 365, AT-NET has the expertise to plan, manage, and implement your migration, considering identity management, workload migration, and change management.

We do this by taking a programmatic approach that includes an extensive tenant assessment and migration path planning to ensure a smooth transition and mitigate business disruption, a validated domain cutover, and systemic migration process, and both pre and post-migration communications and adoption support.

For more than 15 years, AT-NET has been helping SMBs and Enterprise customers transition to the cloud. We capitalized on the momentum which was around Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, and flawlessly migrated customers to our hosted platforms. We have in-depth expertise in migrating users and content from various environments to the cloud. We are a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Small and Midmarket Business Solutions, and Collaboration and Content.

Did you know?

Did you know that Microsoft does NOT backup your data on the O365 platform? AT-NET offers a variety of safe, economical, and secure ways to backup your data to our AWS cloud backup system. We monitor the backups around the clock. We provide you with a Backup Service Level Agreement and Backup Policy tailored to your requirements.

We offer migration from many different mail sources:

Do you feel like your old email system is a business failure waiting to happen? We have experts in whatever ancient technology you have cobbled together. Remove the risk of a business interruption.

Microsoft Office 365 Migration Help
Microsoft Office 365
MS-Exchange Migration help
GMAIL migration help
0356 Migration services
LotusNotes Migration Help

Documents to OneDrive or SharePoint

As part of our services we can migrate your documents to OneDrive and SharePoint. We follow the same reliable process and procedures that have made us an award winning company.  Upgrade your old file server to OneDrive or SharePoint.

MS-OneDrive help
MS-SharePoint help

AT-NET can also migrate from your Google Drive, Google Shared Drive, Dropbox, File Server, or other systems to OneDrive.

Google Drive help
Google Drive
Google Shared Drive Experts
Google Shared Drive
Dropbox Experts

Personal Achieves to O365

If you have personal archives we can also host those valuable treasures in your new O365 environment.

Microsoft Office 365 Migration Experts
Microsoft Office 365
MS-Exchange Experts
Google Vault Experts
Google Vault
PST File Experts
PST File

Public Folders to Microsoft 365

All your public folders will be seamlessly recreated in the new O365 environment.

Microsoft Office 365 help
Microsoft Office 365
MS-Exchange help

Microsoft Team

MS Teams comes with O365, use Teams to eliminate products like Zoom. Teams offers a more collaborative experience and simple user integration with other Microsoft products.

MS-Teams support
MS-Teams App

Hybrid Exchange Management

If you have some users or offices with physical mail servers required but a domain pointing to O365 we can handle the mail flow.

MS-Exchange support
MS Exchange


MS licensing can be very hard to understand. Our experts will walk you through the license levels, features, and cost associated with those level. Our licensing can be automated as you remove and add users.

Support After Migration

AT-NET offers 24X7 support to all of our customers. We will make sure your IT staff and users have the help they require. We are remote and can be on site at in a short time. AT-NET has offices throughout the Southeast but employs professionals nationwide for prompt on site response times.

AT-NET’s specialist will analyze and troubleshoot any problems connected to Microsoft Office 365 applications. Our team will educate you about new MS Office 365 products and be a resource to help your users understand new features.


We are the experts! Let us guide your experience and you will be able to be confident in the outcome.

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