File Security, Backup, and Recovery

For engineering and architectural firms, the one constant in their technology needs is the ability to operate efficiently with massive amounts of data.  Whether that be in the form of CAD files, schematics, or sensitive financial information, the need for secure data sharing and backup is critical.  Also, more and more applications are moving to cloud-based models which makes avoiding unscheduled downtime all the more important.  AT-NET’s team uses our experience and a set of standards to create a business continuity plan that fits your firm’s needs.  These standards have helped us to create our TechSentry Managed Services solution which reduces your business risk of unscheduled downtime through scheduled updates and patches, 24/7 monitoring, proactive testing, and quarterly planning with your assigned vCIO.


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Data Infrastructure Engineering Architecture

Maintaining Your Infrastructure

There aren’t many industries more reliant on applications than engineering and architectural firms.  The load that applications like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Inventor, Revit, and others put on your servers and workstations make the need for a solid infrastructure pivotal.  The AT-NET team is ready to help engineering and architectural firms in creating a secure and efficient infrastructure that can handle the heavy data load that comes with keeping these applications up and running.  Through current infrastructure evaluations, design of new system migrations, and continual monitoring of technologies, AT-NET’s team will learn what makes your business tick and be a true partner in both your technology and your organizational success.