Why Use a Managed Security Service Provider?

What is an IT Managed Security Service Provider?

When it comes to managing a network and protecting sensitive data, there are many reasons why businesses choose to use a Managed Security Service Provider. These benefits include a higher level of cybersecurity expertise, continuous monitoring, automated incident response, specialized skills for your team and industry-specific knowledge.

MSSPs are experts at assessing your organization’s cybersecurity risks and determining how to improve it. They can also help your business stay compliant with a variety of regulations (e.g., DFARS, NIST, HIPAA, PCI-DSS), and provide a security strategy for your organization that focuses on specific threats and vulnerabilities.

Why Use a Managed Security Service Provider?

These professionals are able to review your organization’s current infrastructure and recommend new security measures, including hardware, software, and personnel training. They can also advise on the best ways to implement those measures.

They can detect breaches in real time, even before they happen, and respond immediately to mitigate the damage. This gives you peace of mind that your company’s data and systems are protected at all times.

Cybercriminals have become increasingly sophisticated, and they continue to evolve their tactics to find new ways of breaching networks. With so much data at stake, it’s imperative that companies are able to keep their information secure and prevent potential breaches.

The most important benefit of hiring a managed security services provider is that you can be assured of high-quality cyber-security protection. This is because these professionals have a deep understanding of the latest techniques and technologies in the cybersecurity field, and are always up to date with cyber-threats.

Using an MSSP means that your cybersecurity team has access to the most cutting-edge technology and software products for a fraction of the cost of hiring their own staff. This saves your business money, and you’re able to have more focus on other aspects of your organization.

In addition, these vendors offer 24/7/365 support to their customers, ensuring that their clients’ critical data is protected around the clock. This can be invaluable, especially for larger organizations with large amounts of confidential data that may be at risk of breach.

We  provide a full-time vCISO to your business, or if you don’t want one, they can hire a virtual CISO who operates offsite. This allows your business to benefit from the expertise of a security professional without paying for their salary and benefits.

These vendors are capable of implementing solutions that protect your data in the cloud and on-premises. These solutions include antivirus, malware removal and intrusion detection.

This is an essential part of any cybersecurity strategy, and an MSSP is able to ensure that you are protected no matter where you go. They can protect your company from phishing attacks and other security breaches, preventing you from losing valuable data.

Having a strong security strategy in place is crucial for any organization, no matter the size or budget. Having an expert team in place is not something that many small businesses can afford, but it’s essential to have the right resources and tools in place for your business to be safe from hackers and cyber-criminals. This is why so many SMBs are turning to managed security services as an alternative to hiring a full-time cybersecurity team.

What do Managed Security Service Providers Cost?

A managed security services provider (MSSP) offers a range of cybersecurity outsourcing options. These include patching and vulnerability management, threat intelligence, and incident response.

These security services are designed to help organizations defend their networks from threats and unauthorized access. They can also provide more specialized expertise and knowledge than smaller in-house operations may have access to.

MSSPs use their own technology or deliver 3rd party software to their clients and end-users. They also offer ongoing threat monitoring and remediation, ensuring the client business can focus on core operational tasks while reducing or eliminating its cyber security risks.

Pricing models vary among MSSPs, with some offering a fixed-fee model while others have multiple add-ons that can be purchased separately or combined. The price model you choose should be aligned with your current IT needs and budget.

The most effective and comprehensive solutions are powered by an integrated, automated architecture with broad, unified, and interoperable capabilities that enable rapid correlation between point products. This helps drive increased ARPU and profits.

AT-NET’s managed security services help businesses protect their assets from cyber attacks and improve business agility. They offer holistic threat management, next-generation technologies, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, proactive managed security, and continuous threat intelligence.

AT-NET, a provider of managed IT services, has bet its business on cybersecurity. It’s invested in a portfolio of SOC services, talent hires, and partnerships with SentinelOne and EventTracker. Our costs range from $125 per managed device to $250 per managed device monthly. Cost very due to the nature of the customers needs for Tools (software), SOC, Reporting, Systems Audits and Size of Systems.

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