What does changing the network port do for a device connected to the network?

Changing Network Ports

A question from the Internet; What does changing my network port do for a device connected to the network? First and Foremost, moving your cables without proper assistance is a BAD IDEA!

    Well a couple of things can happen:

    1. Nothing harmful. This only works on simple networks, probably not a properly configured business network.
    2. You could lose connectivity (port disabled, or limited power characteristics).
    3. Be placed in to a VLAN with different characteristics; IP range, QOS, Access List, DNS, or access to items which are restricted.Managed Service Provider VLAN
    4. Set off a monitoring alarm (Network Access Protocols) and have your businesses network police visit your desk.
    5. Cause a cascade effect for other devices (LACP)

    Managed Service Provider LACP

    In short do not move your cable unless instructed by someone who knows your networks (not your coworker). If you need further explanation, please call (844) 506-2116 and discuss your need to move your cable with our network team. By the way, if you are reading this post you probably need our help. Click the below to explore our services:

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