What Does a vCISO Do?

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’re a well-established company, vCISO services can help you take control of your security. These professionals offer a cost-effective solution for small businesses, and they’re flexible enough to accommodate your needs.

Depending on your organization’s requirements, a virtual CISO may provide security leadership, threat analysis, data loss prevention, incident response planning, and more. They also provide resources to train your staff on cybersecurity best practices. These experts work on a part-time or contract basis, allowing you to tailor the scope of your project to meet your specific needs.

Compared to a full-time CISO, a vCISO is less expensive and offers a wider range of service capabilities. You can choose from a broad risk-based vCISO service package, which includes a policy review and awareness training sessions, or a focused tactical vCISO service package, which focuses on policy gap analysis and action recommendations.

As cyber crime is becoming increasingly sophisticated, a vCISO is essential to protecting your business’s information. Their job is to ensure that your organization has a sound strategy in place to combat these threats. These professionals can help you streamline your compliance with industry standards and federal laws, and they can work with leaders in your firm to build a strong compliance management program.

If you have a large or small business, a vCISO can help you determine your cybersecurity risks and the financial impact of those risks. Depending on your needs, a vCISO may also work with your legal team to develop an effective security framework for your business.


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