The 5 Top Tech Companies in Jacksonville You Should Keep on Your Radar

As the largest and most populous city in Florida there are many top tech companies in Jacksonville that are making large contributions to the world of technology (and the local economy).

In this blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at the 5 largest tech companies in Jacksonville to see how they operate, what they do, and the role information technology plays in their day-to-day functioning.


The Top 5 Jacksonville Technology Companies You Should Know About

From software development to financial services, these large tech companies in Jacksonville, Florida, continue to provide innovative and essential technology solutions to both their local communities and the nation at large.


1. Availty

Availity, L.L.C’s purpose is to make health information exchange between providers, plans, and other stakeholders possible through the internet. 

They do this by providing various services that allow for easy communication and data sharing via the web. This includes medical billing transactions for both commercial and government insurance companies as well as CareRead- a program that automatically populates fields on web pages with patient ID card information that has been swiped through a connected three track card reader.

Additionally, it offers CareProfile to access electronic health records, patient communication to connect physicians and patients online as well as support patient-initiated appointment and referral requests, and CarePrescribe – an electronic prescribing solution providing real-time drug interaction checks along with up-to-date patient specific medication history and coverage including therapeutic equivalent and lower cost alternative options.

What’s more, the company provides a CareCost Estimator to help patients determine their financial responsibility in real-time. The company also offers CareCollect, which helps providers collect payments from patients through card swipes (including combination member ID cards for high deductible plans). Finally, it serves various health care providers, including physician offices, hospitals, and integrated delivery networks. 


2. Modis

Modis helps businesses adapt to change, offering innovative solutions that address real business problems in the life sciences, engineering and information technology sectors.

Modis offers their clients a wide range of services in order to help them solve problems and improve their businesses. This includes: 

Staffing: Modis provides businesses with the talent they need, when they need it, through their network of top professionals in the industry.

Consulting: Modis helps companies identify and adopt the latest technologies to improve their business operations.


Projects: Modis offers end-to-end project delivery for critical technology initiatives, allowing clients to focus on their business goals while Modis handles the implementation.

Solutions: Modis has developed a suite of solutions that helps companies Address The Business Challenges (ATBC) across 4 core pillars – people, process, technology, and data.


3. CSI Companies

As a fairly big tech company in Jacksonville, CSI Healthcare IT creates, enables, and maintains patient and health information systems for organizations across the United States. They’re especially proud of their success rate which has made them a trusted partner for clients who prefer a responsive relationship-based approach to business.

One such solution is called Patient Portal. Patient Portal is an intuitive interface that provides patients with online access to their personal health information. This allows for greater transparency and communication between the patient and care team. Additionally, it enables patients to manage their own care by viewing lab results, requesting appointments, and more. 

Other solutions offered by CSI Companies include Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Health Information Exchange (HIE), and Population Health Management (PHM).


4. Astadia

Astadia helps companies that want to move to the cloud by providing consulting and systems integration services

They help their clients develop new market opportunities, accelerate revenue growth, and convert customers into advocates. Unlike other integrators who only focus on technology implementation, Astadia focuses on understanding our clients’ needs and helping them achieve their business goals. 

Astadia helps its clients by building partnerships and using its own special techniques. The company’s employees have a lot of experience and are very good at what they do. They create cloud solutions that work well and have a positive impact on businesses.

Jacksonville Technology Companies



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