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The best Managed Service Provider We at AT-NET SERVICES take computer security and cybersecurity very seriously. We have many services listed below concerning our Cybersecurity Solutions. When we engage with a new customer, we check the Dark Web for exposed passwords and usernames. We train your users (Breach Prevention) through informative videos weekly. The training videos are only 4 mins long but keep cyber security solutions at the front of user thoughts. We also add SIEM (Security Information and Event Management Systems), which is an important part of breach prevention, to all of our full service customers. In addition to SIEM at the desktop, we add Managed Endpoint Protection (EDR – endpoint detection and response, Endpoint Security Solutions) to all desktops and servers. All of our EDR and SIEM products come with 24X7 manned Security Operations Centers (SOC) at no additional cost. We also add network security to catch issues before they infect or infiltrate desktops or server. This network security does not stop at the firewall but extends down to the switch level.

In addition to all of the server, desktop, and network Cyber Attack Protection systems we add physical security systems to your facilities. Electronic door access controls added to video surveillance and logging assists in knowing who is in your building accessing controlled unclassified information (CUI).

We specialize in implementing and supporting two-factor authentication (2FA) solutions for businesses . Our expert 2FA consultants can help you install and manage a professional 2FA solution for company, giving you greater security and control over your valuable data. Contact us today to learn more about how our 2FA solutions can give you peace of mind, knowing that you are much more secure fully utilizing 2FA.

In this digital age, we all use several digital services for everything from checking our bank accounts to connecting remotely to our work. Hackers target login credentials because the payoff can be huge. Advances in technology and numerous successful data breaches make it easier and faster to steal or crack passwords.

That’s the bad news – more of us rely on digital services to conduct business, so the risk of compromised credentials is high and widespread. The good news, though, is that organizations can effectively secure access to digital services by requiring two-factor authentication.

Service Disciplines in Computer Security:

Automated Patching, Breach Prevention, Cyber Attack Protection, Cyber Security Solutions, Cyber Security Systems, CyberSecurity, Cybersecurity Solutions, Dark Web Scanning, Endpoint Security Solution, Managed Cybersecurity Services, Managed Endpoint Protection, Managed Security, Network Security, Security Operations Center, Security Systems, Soc Services, Video Surveillance, Security Information and Event Management, NIST Compliance.

The Best Computer Consultant |

Our Total Network Coverage offering are customized to provide you with a proactive approach for IT management and monitoring as opposed to the traditional break/fix contract. The best Computer Consultants This offering is designed to provide problem avoidance through network monitoring, maintenance, and planning services. It will provide you and your staff with as much support as is needed for a fixed cost. We can layer this service on top of what your existing internal IT staff provides to give them an enhanced tool set with which to do their job, or we can provide a completely outsourced solution and support team to your company.

Contact us today for a free consultation to determine the current status of your computer network, your IT growth plans and what you need to support that growth.

We are an authorized Microsoft Partner that provides Office 365 support and consulting services in the Southeast. We help support organizations of all sizes with their Office 365 needs. Office 365 is very easy to use but it can be difficult to manage and support. Our expert Office 365 consultants can be your go-to technical resource helping you keep Office 365 running smoothly and securely. At-Net Services can make your employees happier by being their Office 365 technical support.

AT-NET is very fortunate to have Level IV systems architects. We design infrastructure (cabling, servers, layer 2 and 3 devices, connectivity, and Security Compliance) to meet your requirement and budget.

Service Disciplines in Computer Consulting:

Cybersecurity Training, Infrastructure Design, It consulting, IT consulting Firm, Security Audits, Security Awareness Training, Security Compliance, NIST Compliance.

The Best Computer Support and Services |

The Best CyberSecurity Experts One of the most valuable services we supply to our customers is Business Continuity Planning (BCP). We measure the cost of downtime and value of data to design systems that allow business to move forward in the event of productivity loss. Business Phone Systems, Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, Data Centers, proper systems design, and systems support are all part of our strategy for BCP. The majority of customers are accessed remotely and swiftly.

Disciplines in Computer Support Services:

Business Continuity Planning, Business Phone Systems, Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, Compliance Reporting, Data Center, Data Infrastructure, IT Support, Managed IT Services, Managed It Support, Managed Services Provider, Managed Technology Solutions, Remote IT Support, Technical Support, Voip Phone System, Automated systems patching, Automated reporting

The Best Computer Networking Center |

Purdue Network Model Experts

Our Computer Network Center (CNC) manages the systems and security we have designed for each customer. We monitor bandwidth, backup bandwidth, security systems, and NIST Compliance. This CNC also is responsible for automated patching and reports to each customer.

Disciplines in Computer Networking:

Managed Network Security, Network Infrastructure, Network Management, NIST Compliance, Purdue Network Reference Architecture.

The Best Data Recovery Service |

Data Recomery Service If criminals are able to thwart our best efforts and systems, we have Cloud Backup and Backup/Disaster Recovery to repair evils of cybercriminals.

Disciplines in Data Recovery:

Backup And Disaster Recovery, Cloud Backups, Service Level Agreements on Restoration, Backup Policy

The Best Structured Cabling & Data Wiring

Whether you have a new construction project that needs to be fully cabled or an existing building that only needs a few additional data drops, we can provide you with all your structured cabling and wiring needs. We offer certified and insured structured cabling specialists that can make your next project a breeze. We adhere to all state and city codes and provide quality work.Structured Cabling

Our CAT 6, 6A, 5 and 5e cabling work is always thoroughly tested and labeled for easy connection and all terminations are tested so you won’t have an issue when you start connecting devices to the network. Stop dealing with intermittent, hard to diagnose network issues that old buildings with ancient wiring often cause.

Get a fresh, fast network with all new cabling and stop dealing with network speed and reliability issues once and for all. Contact us today for a free consultation on your project.

Disciplines in Structured Cabling Division:

Data Center & Data Infrastructure Design – Voice, Video, & Data Infrastructure Design & Implementation – Indoor & Outdoor Fiber Plant Installation & Testing – State & Local Qualifications for Security, Fire, Burglar, & Low Voltage – Systems Designed to Manufacturer’s Best Practices – 24x7x365 Customer Assistance Center – Network Infrastructure & Asset Tracking

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