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Custom Application Development Services

Speed to Productivity

Custom Application Development Services

Our Application Development Division in Charlotte helps you balance costs, boost service levels and improve productivity through robust management of flexible, high-performance, business-critical applications. Our application development solutions provide custom business & mobile applications that automate critical processes, improve efficiency, manage resources and provide insight into business analytics.

We have a mode we like to call Speed To Productivity (STP). Simply put, our STP allows for an increased ROI on your project. Leveraging the best-of-technologies and practices, we ensure that your business applications are developed, maintained and managed within optimal costs and agreeable time-frames to provide you secure and risk-free business environments. By offering this service, AT-NET ensures that we can be your one stop shop for all of your technology needs.


  • Software & Application Design
  • SQL Server, Oracle, Apple iOS, Android
  • HTML, Java, C#, C++, SQL, Ajax, .Net
  • MS CRM
  • Automated Reports

Company Benefits

  • Synchronize Important Processes
  • Streamline Your IT Operations
  • Hampering Downtimes & Accelerating Productivity
  • Tone-Down IT Complexity, Facilitate Seamless Work Flow
  • Apps Can be Easily Integrated Into Other Web Procedures

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