Seamless Global Communication

AT-NET provides a collaboration solution that enables your individuals and teams to work together in new ways regardless of physical location. We provide secure and reliable access from any location, keeping you and your customers, partners, and suppliers engaged in a seamless global communication. Our collaboration architecture breaks down the barriers that traditionally exist between different content formats, tools, devices, companies, and people working towards a common goal.As a result, it provides the architectural flexibility and organizational agility you require to quickly respond to the changing needs of your business. Our open, integrated network foundation maximizes efficiency working with both existing and new technologies. When your company’s technology ability aligns with your strategic objectives, your possibilities to succeed become endless.


  • Email, Video, Application, & Digital Media Hosting
  • Unified Communications
  • Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft 365
  • WebEx & HD Video Conferencing
  • Voice/Phone Systems
  • Hosted Services including: Exchange, SharePoint, CRM, Web Hosting & Mobile Email

Hampton County - Phone System Install

Phone System VOIP Upgrade

Business Challenges
  • Previously has an aging phone system that was costing them a lot of money and time to keep running
  • Needed a deployment option that could be done in stages to comply with budget and time constraints
  • New technology had to integrate with older buildings while maintaining structural integrity

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Tesa Tape - IP Telephony

VOIP Call Center

Business Challenges
  • Wanted an improved call center for Customer Care, Telesales, and the Automotive departments
  • Needed to replace the current legacy phone system with a Cisco Unified Communications solution
  • System had to be scalable, easy to manage, technically advanced, able to handle future application, and solution upgrades

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Heritage Bank - Cisco Network/Telephony

VOIP Phone System Upgrade

Business Challenges
  • Struggled with service issues and elevated expenses related to a 30 year-old telephony system
  • Network lacked scalability and necessary functionality to support bank growth
  • Telephony system spread across 30 locations, served by several carriers

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American Paper and Twine - Cisco Phone Install

VOIP Phone System Upgrade

Business Challenges

  • Needed to upgrade their current version of Cisco Voice system
  • Migrated the Communications Manager, Unity Voicemail and Call Center Express systems to new server
  • Required assistance to upgrade current software

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