Small Business Cyber Attacks

Most small businesses do not consider themselves a target for cyber crime attacks. While the truth is that 23% (ref. SmallBizTrends, May 2021) of small businesses suffer at least one cyber attack in the past 12 months.

Many small business seem to have the following views about Cybersecurity:

  • Attacks won’t happen to me.
    • False, criminals are looking to exploit any system they can breach.
  • My data is not valuable.
    • False, if you data was not valuable why do you keep it.
    • There is always a cost when breached.
    • The average cost of a small business breach is $25,512 (ref. SmallBizTrends, May 2021).
  • I can just restore my data in the event of a breach.
    • False, once criminals have your data and you do not pay, then they try to auction your data on the Dark Web.
    • Someone (maybe a competitor) will find value in your data, other than you.
  • My insurance company will pay for any loss
    • Not necessarily, most insurance companies will not pay on a CyberSecurity Policy unless you have proven that you have taken action to insulate your business from loss
    • Insurance companies many caveats in their policies removing their liabilities. Know your policy.

Employ a professional company to help in protecting your business. There are many good practices and products that can help insulate one from an inevitable disaster. It is easier and cheaper to employ good security than to pay for crimes on the backend. See our IT Security Precautions Checklist for more information

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