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  • What if your technology partner cared about what you do and how you do it?
  • What if technology was an asset instead of a necessary evil?
  • What if you didn’t have to worry about cybersecurity?

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Managed Services Alignment

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Business Service Areas

In addition the the below office areas, we have customers which we service on a national and international basis.

Charleston Managed Service Provider
Charleston SC
Charlotte Managed Service Provider
Charlotte NC
Columbia Managed Service Provider
Columbia SC
Greenville Managed Service Provider
Greenville SC
Jacksonville Managed Service Provider
Jacksonville FL
Knoxville Managed Service Provider
Knoxville TN

Are Contracted IT Technical Services Right for Your company?

AT-NET understands the unique positions growing businesses are in to expand their services in a digital world. The digital landscape has so many challenges that a company, many times, doesn’t know where to begin. If your company needs IT expertise without the IT department price tag, then managed services are the best option for your operations.

We remove the implementation costs associated with transitioning to a MSP and help you become part of our family. We strive to maximize efficiency with the right applications, data protection, and IT support your company needs to carry out its mission. Our dedicated support team is available when you need them, either online through the cloud or onsite. Managed services with AT-NET means a proactive strategy to protect your data and build IT efficiency. Our managed services keep your technological running. We are dedicated to cybersecurity and your uptime! What more could you want in an msp!

Businesses We Serve

While we are not all things to all people, we have products and service offerings that enhance productivity and business continuity. We provide labor services, cloud services, security services, systems architecture, network architecture, hardware and software for our customer’s needs.

Managed Services for Manufacturing
Managed Services for Legal
Legal Firms
Managed Services for Engineering
Engineering Firms
Managed Services for Retail
Retail Business
Managed Services for Health Care
Health Care Facilities
Managed Services for Banking
Managed Services for Insurance
Insurance Business
Managed Services for SMB
SMB Business

Our Strategy



Your short and long-term success is our team’s primary focus. We have a security-first approach in managing your technology reducing your risks and positioning IT to make your people more efficient. We have an extensive bench of very smart people who will guide you through the Design, Purchase, Install and Maintain Lifecycle of technology. The result is we help your people do their job better.


We go through an extensive review of your systems and align your current hardware, software, processes, and procedures with known best standards. This alignment takes place through the life cycle of our engagement with our Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) and in accordance with your budgets.

For our security offerings, we have our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) engage with you to provide processes, systems, and procedures base around current best practices. A vCISO is a service designed to make top-tier security experts available to organizations that need security expertise and guidance. Our team of experts has decades of experience; building information security programs that work with business objectives and show measurable improvement to security posture.

The role of a CISO, or Chief Information Security Officer, has never been more important. The problem? Good CISOs are hard to find and cost prohibitive. The solution? A virtual (fractional) CISO, or vCISO from AT-NET Services. Our typical vCISO engagements decrease in cost over time as our client’s security programs go into “maintenance mode,” where the constant building effort is no longer a factor.

We provide alignment processes and provide insight specific to your requirements, while making you compliant with our minimum standards. Security and Technology is not a problem to solve, but a necessary business cadence to reduce risk and keep business moving forward.


We have staff and project management which implement scheduled projects around the clock so that we do not impact your business during working hours. We are very careful to listen to our customers requirements. Our goal is not to be seen electronically by your users. Careful planning and hardwork go a long way in our business.


Our proven process delivers predictable results while reducing organizational risk. The result is a more efficient operation with a partner invested in your success. We provide and customize policies and procedures for your business. We follow best known industry practices and look to be PROACTIVE with your systems. Through our methodology one can expect little to no surprises in your technology. In the event of a technology anomaly, we have 99.999% planned for the event and have processes in place to minimize business impact.

Life of Technology

MSP Technology Life CycleBy focusing on the uniqueness of your business, our team will help you invest in the proper technology that will give your organization the edge you need to compete. We log, monitor and maintain your systems through their useful life cycle. We value your investments in technology as much as you do and we will try and get as much “good” out of your technology products before recommending replacements.

We Make IT Work!

Our Offerings

We have several Managed Service offerings which we call “TechSentry”. Obviously, our service name is a mashup of the words Technology and Sentry. We think TechSentry defines our company pretty well.

Our offerings start from $45 / user per month. We have always tried and adjust our offerings to fit our clients need; and we will continue to adjust to prevailing business climates. To read more please visit our Managed Services Detail page.

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