AT-NET TechSentry – Flat Fee Managed IT Support Services

TechSentry FlatFeeIT ™ Managed Support Services

When it comes to technology and its associated cost, you may have found yourself in a spot similar to many other business owners and managers – frustrated and confused.

Confused simply trying to understand what technology your business really needs. Frustrated having to stomach the variable and spiraling costs for technology you may or may not need. This is especially difficult for small to medium size companies with limited or fixed budgets. Versus being a valuable business resource, technology can become an expensive and daunting daily opponent.

Our TechSentry Flat Fee IT™ Managed Support Services makes it simple – only the critical and necessary technology for one flat fee. As simple as that.

This means your desktops and servers are completely and properly taken care of for a set, affordable price per month. Our streamlined operations and expanded service desk staff provide a robust remote support environment. Our innovative ticketing system offers a customer portal that integrates with our invoicing. You have access to your invoices and service tickets at any time. You always know where you stand with us.

And TechSentry Flat Fee IT™ is affordable for small to medium size businesses. We’re able to deliver a level of support and infrastructure that was previously only available for large companies without sacrificing critical support functions.

It’s simple to deliver, easy to understand, and affordable for everyone. We’re ready to listen and understand your needs, then share how TechSentry Flat Fee IT™ can simplify your technology world.


Managed Support Services

Managed Computer Services


  • Customer Assistance Center (Help Desk)
  • Remote Control
  • Microsoft Office Applications / Office 365
  • Emergency After Hours
  • Hand Held Support
  • Onsite Support
  • Scheduled Onsite


  • Security Audits
  • Anti-X Support and Products
  • Automated and Manual Patch Management
  • Email Security / Filtering
  • Web Security / Filtering
  • Firewall / Intrusion Detection Management and Monitoring
  • Log and Event Monitoring
  • Automated Spyware and Adware removal
  • VPN Management
  • Data Assurance
  1. Server, Mobile, Desktop Backups / Restores
  2. Onsite and Cloud
  3. Encryption and Long-term Retention


  • System Audits and Reporting (network, wireless, security, server, and desktop)
  • Online Asset Management
  • Online Case Management
  • Online Patch/Anti-X Management
  • Automated Desktop
  • Flat Fee Desktop / Laptop / Printer / Server Management
  • Flat Fee Phone Management
  • Flat Fee Equipment Replacement