Confidential Data

A critical part of any legal environment is the protection of confidential information.  Law firms are not only expected to protect the data of their client but also of the clients of the opposing side.  This makes choosing a technology partner that is experienced in the industry and understands the specific compliance needs.  The AT-NET team knows how the due diligence process works for law firms and will partner with your firm in fulfilling both privacy and security requirements.


Legal Managed Services IT

Legal Managed Services

Reliable, Secure, and Mobile

Critical case information can come in at any time, therefore it’s imperative that you not only have access to your data from anywhere but that you avoid downtime at all costs.  Your firm needs a tech infrastructure that provides reliability and helps your team avoid missed deadlines.  With TechSentry Managed Services, our experienced team uses a set of standards to reduce your business risk and protect your firm from cyber threats, unscheduled downtime, and data loss.  We want your technology to be an asset giving your attorneys everything they need to support clients and win cases.