The Best Music Festivals in Jacksonville (and How to Avoid IT Risks When Attending)

Jacksonville has a lot to offer the music lovers out there. There’s a ton of variety of local talent and with these amazing top Jacksonville music festivals (see our list below) you can experience it all.

There’s just one thing: concerts that bring together a large number of people who are singing, dancing, and drinking also attract people who are looking to take advantage of all the noise and distractions. Everything from Jacksonville electronic music festival to more tame events like a folk concert can and often are targeted.

It used to be that all you had to do was mind your wallet and belongings and you were good to go. But these modern would-be thieves have developed more sophisticated methods of robbery – using technology. Namely, information technology like networks, phones, WiFi access points, etc.

This is especially important if you’re a business owner or work at a business and your phone has sensitive information on it. A single hack could lead to devastating consequences to your place of work.

In the spirit of safety (not as fun as festivals, we know) with every festival listed, I’ll also list a common IT threat at these events – and how you can protect yourself.


Avoiding Common IT Risks at the Best Jacksonville Music Festivals


1. Jacksonville Jazz Festival

The Jacksonville Jazz Festival has been going for over 40 years – and only ever gets better. Kind of like jazz itself.

From inducting local standouts into the hall of fame to the piano competition there’s so much to enjoy at this early summer music festival in Jacksonville.

But what you won’t enjoy is having your phone hacked.

If you’re using unsecured WiFi access points, that’s a potential problem. Open networks can be infiltrated by hackers, who can then exploit your personal information and the data on your phone.

Try using a VPN or your own personal WiFi network so you can remain connected to the outside world without having to worry.


2. Southern Soul Music Festival

The south has a long and rich history of making music that spreads nationally – sometimes globally – due to the compelling lyrics and emotional drive of the music.

Southern Soul Music Festival seeks to capture that unique southern musical quality and concentrate it in one place.

And at these festivals, with dense crowds, you can expect pickpockets.

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Pickpocketing may seem analogue, but if someone gets a hold of your phone, the consequences could very easily spill over into the digital realm. Then, they’ll be able to access your important data and infiltrate private networks. This in turn could lead to disastrous results for your personal and/or professional life. In other words, keep an eye on your phone!


3. Florida Fin Fest

If you like to enjoy your music while doing some good, then the Florida Fin Fest is for you. A music festival that’s focused on sustainability, you get everything from musical stars like John Oates from Hall & Oates to learning about how to keep our water clean and other sustainable living tips.

But while you’re looking to do some good deeds, others may be looking to do some not-so-good deeds.

Hackers will use a sophisticated form of theft where they don’t even require touching your phone. And it doesn’t involve an action on your end like connecting to unsecured networks. No, instead, they’ll use something called a pocket scanner. What is a pocket scanner? It’s a small, easily concealed device that can scan the barcode or RFID tag of your device. They can then steal your information off your device and do whatever it is they wish with it.


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    If you see anyone paying too much attention to your belongings or making multiple passes by you, be wary. And if you see someone scanning phones or other devices with a pocket scanner, report them immediately and keep your distance. Ensuring your device is locked at all times and never leaving it unattended or some good tips to avoid becoming a victim to this type of theft..


    4. Bonus Tip!

    We have the top 3 music festivals in Jacksonville, but there is one more important IT tip to share. Since it’s the holiday season, let’s embrace the giving spirit and hand out one last IT tip, no festival needed.

    This may sound like common sense, but you never want to leave your phone with a stranger. Unfortunately, this happens far too often. People get very friendly and can be a bit, well, unobservant at these events, and when that happens, a hacker can strike.

    By installing antivirus software you can help ensure that you avoid these threats. And most people who handle your phone – even strangers – aren’t going to be up to anything malicious. But there are times when you will run into someone who is intent on downloading malware or other malicious software onto your phone that can harm you, your business, or your employer.

    Best Jacksonville Music Festivals

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