Verkada Access Control and Verkada Camera Systems

Verkada Access Control and Verkada Camera Systems for .

AT-NET is please to be a Verkada partner. Verkada is one of the most exciting new fully integrated camera and access control platforms we have ever seen. You can now recognized faces, license plates, access doors with your bluetooth phone, have alarms, and watch cameras under one beautifully designed cloud based security system. The people who built the Meraki platform from Cisco have left Cisco to develop the Verkada system.

Just because AT-NET is an Outsourced Helpdesk Company and/or Managed Service Provider does not mean that we only keep your computers systems running; we integrate physical security systems through our Integration and Security Division (I&S). Our I&S Division has some very capable, certified, and experienced engineers. We have Verkada Certification, BICSI Certification, Microsoft Certification, Milestone Systems Certification, RS2 Certification, Paxton Certification, and etc.


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Sensor Safety Systems

Actionable Insights in Real Time

By aggregating data across devices into a centralized platform, Command provides users with a complete picture of what’s going on across sites.

One Platform to Manage All Devices

Add ten, hundreds or thousands of Verkada devices to Command. Verkada Cloud enables secure, remote access to your sites from any browser or device.

Automatic Updates for Added Benefits

Cloud-connected devices introduce a new level of intelligence and automation. With regular feature and security updates, always stay ahead of the curve.

Sensor Safety Systems

A word from years of experience…

Because I can not begin to do justice to the good marketing folks at Verkada, I’m just an owner of a technical support outsourced company, I have included a video to your left to help you understand the power of the Verkada system. I have been in the IT industry for 30+ years and I have never seen such a quality physical security system. Feel free to call our sales team and discuss, (844) 506-2116.

To learn more about our Verkada Access Control and Verkada Camera Systems go to our Infrastructure and Security Solutions page.

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