Company Information

Our History

In 1999 we were two engineers servicing a handful of customers. We merged with one of our customers in 2000 to form At-NET, LLC. After twelve months of the merger we decided to break-off on to our own. In 2001 AT-NET Services, Inc. was formed. In late 2002 we began to grow and add exceptional staff. Today we service customers from Charlotte, NC to Shanghai, China and have some of the best engineers in the industry. We employ very smart people to handle your technology needs. Employ us and get happy with your IT systems and Technology Solutions.

What We Do

We here at AT-NET are Technology Solutions, Managed Services and Cyber Security Solutions specialists. We have core disciplines in:

  • Voice over IP
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Network Design
  • Application development
  • Data Storage
  • Managed Services
  • Cyber Security
  • and Internet Services

Why We Do It

The answer is simple, we like our jobs and we are fascinated by technology. The people we employ have two very distinct qualities: empathy and a genius level IQ.

Why Clients Choose Us

  • We are the best in our field
  • We employ smart people who are passionate about their professions
  • We staff only dedicated career employees
  • We have built a reputation as a responsive, capable, and accessible company
  • We strive to have a valuable partnership with our customers