Charlotte, NC – Outside Account Executive

Jeff King

Jeff King has over 17 years of financial, managerial and IT experience. He started his career as the General Manager of a Charlotte Based Point of Sale company with revenues in excess of $13M annually. While at the company, Jeff developed a software company which developed and sold inventory software to Toshiba and its customers. After leaving the POS company, Jeff helped develop a high speed nationwide TCP/IP golf handicapping network. Prior to starting AT-NET Services, Inc., he was the co-owner and Chief Technology Officer of LaFrÖg Multimedia, LLC., which created web sites and interactive CD ROMS. As president of AT-NET Services, Inc. Jeff has developed AT-NET based around an extensive team of experienced and certified engineers. Jeff is responsible for all process flow within the company, sales direction, and business acquisition. Jeff holds several industry certifications from Cisco, SCO, Citrix, and Microsoft. While at Appalachian State University, he graduated from the Walker College of Business with a degree in Financial Management and Urban Analysis, Real Estate Department.

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