Can I have two 2fa accounts?

I was recently asked, “Can I have two 2fa accounts?” The answer is that you can have as many as you need. One’s 2FA accounts are platform dependent. Products like DUO and Google Authenticator can work with many platforms and support hundreds of different logins. Some information technology staff choose to use very specific 2FA software for security reasons. I am going to list and provide links to various platforms until I do not feel like typing any more. So, in no order, there is a plethora of 2FA people like: DUO, Google Authenticator, G2, Microsoft Authenticator, LastPass, RSA SecurID Access, Ping Identity, WatchGuard, AuthO, Prove, Instasafe ZTAA, Secureauth Identity Platform, PortalGuard, Onelogin, Authy, GateKeeper Proximity Authentication, Secret Double Octopus, CyberArk Identity, Yubico, Google Security Key Enforcement, Salesforce Authenticator, Azure Multi-Factor Authentication, Silverfort, AuthN by IDEE, RingCaptcha, Symantec VIP, F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager, PingID.

In order of preference, we recommend

DUO 2FA Authentication and Google Authenticator


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