StorageCraft launches Cloud Backup for Office 365

Livia Alexandra Stancu
Written by StorageCraft Blogger 

Lost or accidentally deleted a document that you and your colleagues have been working on for weeks? Sounds like a case of the cloud blues. Cloud apps have been gaining ground in the business environment, but some users learn the hard way that they can lose data even if it’s stored in the cloud. To help users keep their data safe, StorageCraft Technology Corporation launched a new data protection solution. The StorageCraft Cloud Backup is a set it and forget it backup solution that will protect Office 365 data. Cloud Backup provides complete protection for Exchange, calendars and contacts, OneDrive, SharePoint and public shared folders.

Do You Know Where Your Data Goes, Once it’s In the Cloud?

Office 365 and other cloud applications have SLA’s that will cover most data center issues. Microsoft even prides itself with a 99.99% uptime. But users can lose data due to other causes as well, like human error or malicious delete. Software bugs can affect even established vendors such as Microsoft, and this can cause serious data loss incidents. Just because data is in the cloud, it doesn’t mean you can’t lose it.

Users will frequently think that cloud applications are already backed up, and do not consider the need for cloud data protection. Managed service providers (or system administrators) are usually in the frontlines of the war against data loss. They will benefit from having a backup solution to manage accounts and be able to recover data around the clock.

StorageCraft Cloud Backup for Office 365

While the cloud has been around for a while, users are not always savy about how to deal with collaboration features. Sometimes they will end up deleting important documents or overwriting them. Thirty two percent of organizations admit to have lost data in the cloud. And this becomes a scary statistic, when 16% of the documents uploaded to the cloud contain sensitive information. Cloud backup applications are the solution to protect business data and make sure you can always recover from a recent version.

StorageCraft Cloud Backup is great for large-scale enterprise deployments with multiple office locations and remote workers. It’s equally a good choice for small business settings where cloud applications ensure work flexibility and collaboration. Cloud Backup uses state-of-the-art compression and encryption in Tier 3+ certified datacenters. The software will identify data additions or changes automatically and back up without user intervention. Users can quickly recover files, folders or an entire user account using a self-service portal. This way, companies can minimize wait time for IT support tickets.

The new product launch complements StorageCraft’s suite of backup and recovery products that cover Windows and Linux physical and virtual environments. StorageCraft has also aquired Gillware Online Backup recently, to add a file-based backup and recovery solution to its offering. The company’s flagship backup software, ShadowProtect SPX, recently won a gold award at the “Best of VMWorld” Conference in Las Vegas.