[Heads-up] Double Trouble: Ransomware And File Thief Combined In Nasty Hybrid Malware

Written by Stu Sjouwerman from KnowBe4


A new malware attack has been detected in the wild. This nasty combines two known pieces of malware:

the Vidar data harvesting malware followed by GandCrab ransomware.

Data Breach Guaranteed

Vidar exfiltrates a wide variety of data, including passwords, documents, screenshots, stored 2FA information, and cryptocurrency wallets. and sends that to its C&C server. Next, GandCrab encrypts the infected system and displays a ransom demand. This demonic duo adds insult to injury.

Following the trails of a malvertising campaign targeting users of torrent trackers and video streaming websites, malware researchers found that Fallout Exploit Kit was used to spread a relatively new infostealer called Vidar, which doubled as a downloader for GandCrab.

Running an infostealer before deploying the ransomware ensures some money for the adversary even if the victim does not pay the ransom. Even if the cybercriminals do not use the stolen data themselves, they can sell it on underground forums. Here is a diagram of how this was put together:


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If your users are misbehaving and not using your Acceptable Use Policy in the office or on company laptops on the road or at the house, this can easily happen. You really, really need to step everyone from the mailroom to the boardroom through new-school security awareness training.

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