Emails you should never click or reply to…


We often clean up malware or virus infections due to an uninformed user clicking on a foreign email. I would like people to understand that if email comes from people they do not know than it should be under suspicion! Also know the following:

  • There are no Kings, Princes, Country Rules, or Rich Businessmen trying to give you money.
  • Giving out personal information is very very very dangerous!
  • Leaving a Credit Card on file at an Online Retailer is a terrible idea!!!!
  • It it feels uncomfortable to give out certain information then it should not happen.
  • Protect you Social Security number and Credit Card numbers.

 Dangerous Email Examples:

I removed the bad/dangerous links and replace them with harmless links. if you feel you need to actually click on the links you should rethink, but it will be OK.


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Hello Sales,

This is Andrew Roth  from University of Akron, we are interested in purchasing the following items on net terms from your company

Seagate Portable Hard Drive, 2TB

Seagate Portable Hard Drive, 1TB

WD My Passport 2TB External Portable Hard Drive

WD My Passport 1TB External Portable Hard Drive

OEM HP Inkjet Cartridges C6578DN

OEM HP C9733A Magenta Toner Cartridge

OEM HP C9732A Yellow Toner Cartridge

OEM HP C9731A Cyan Toner Cartridge

I look forward to reading from you with the pricing & availability

I look forward to hearing from you with regards to pricing & availability.


Andrew Roth

Director Of Purchasing

The University of Akron

302 Bechtel Common

Akron OH 44325


Do not trust email or web sites. Even if someone you know asks for private information think about how it is stored. Even good retailors like Target get their security breached. Lastly do not trust that valid looking emails are ment to be opened. Have a good antivirus software, email filtering services, and a knowledgeable IT firm protect you systems.